Do It Now!

Time is the one commodity which we can never, ever get back. What we do with our time matters and waiting for arbitrary milestones takes away some of our most precious resource. It’s why we must do it now – whatever it is.

We all look for that perfect time to start (or stop) doing something. We think, I’ll start:

  • After the school holidays
  • Once life isn’t so stressful
  • When things at work calm down
  • After I’ve finished X, Y or Z
  • When there’s not so much going on
  • Once I actually understand what I need to do (!)

We each have, in our head, the idea of the perfect time to start something and the sad truth is, that perfect time never comes.

  • School holidays come and go for the whole of your children’s childhood
  • Life is usually stressful – one stress changes for another
  • Crises at work usually just blend into one another. There is rarely a time when there is nothing to worry about at work.
  • X, Y and Z will be replaced by A, B and C and you’ll never start
  • Life is busy, it never stops being busy
  • How will you know when you know enough to start?

That’s why we should just do it now.

It’s A Choice

You need to choose what’s important to you. We’re coaches, we know that life is about decisions and crucially, the life we want is about making the right decisions. Yet we’re all human too and the human side of us is a great procrastinator.

Let me assure you, that in order to start coaching and getting paid for it, what you need is action – the right action – and you need to do it now!

This is where The Coaching Revolution comes in. We are all about making sure that our mentees know what they need to focus energy on and what they don’t.

The Right Action

Our mentees:

  • Know exactly what action to take after each session.
  • Understand where the very best place is for them to focus, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Know how to start their coaching practice, whilst still employed.
  • Use small pockets of time in a focused way, so that their coaching business will begin to flourish.
  • Know to DO IT NOW!

Flexible Approach

We are very flexible as an organisation, because we understand that we all have lives. That is why our mentees can choose how long they want (need) to go between sessions, based on what’s going on in their lives. The sessions can be as close together as 2-weekly, or as far apart as. monthly.

The timing of the sessions isn’t fixed either. It may be that sometimes, 2-weekly is perfect for you, but then you need to make the next gap 4 weeks. No problem.

Do It Now!

As coaches, we understand that results come from action. We also know that the action that will produce results has to be the right action. Why not let The Coaching Revolution take the guesswork out of which are the right actions?

If you recognise yourself in anything you’ve just read, let’s talk? Isn’t it time you got out of your own way and simply got on with building a thriving business? You’ll find the diary here. It costs nothing at all to talk to us, and it could be the most rewarding conversation you ever had.