Hey, You. Yes, You.

We know you.

You’re absolutely passionate about coaching, because you’ve seen it transform lives (not least of which is your own). We know that you love to help people and that coaching is the perfect way for you to help.

You want to coach people to help them to achieve a life of more than mediocrity; you want people to live full, rewarding, challenging lives; lives which are both meaningful and abundant.

And yet…

You can’t find clients who want to pay you.

It stands to reason that if you can’t find clients, you can’t coach them. If you can’t coach them, then those clients, those people that are waiting for you to help them transform their lives will remain stuck where they are. What a terrible waste of opportunity that would be.

Your Clients Are Waiting For You

The good news is, that your clients are waiting for you.

You don’t believe me? Let me tell you why what I say is true.

Most coaches build websites that are simply online CVs. Some of them are beautiful, I grant you, but they are all about the coach. Coaches can spend £$£$£$£ on these websites and you know what? They rarely, if ever, generate clients. The reason for this is that the website becomes another, anonymous website, lost among the three trillion (yep, you read that right) URLs that are out there.

Your clients are not looking for you. They’re waiting for you, but they’re not looking for you. Mostly because they have no idea about coaching, or that you are there, waiting to support them to change their lives.

How Can You Find These Clients Who Are Waiting?

The way that your clients find you, is by you finding them. That sounds double dutch, doesn’t it?

Let me explain.

Your clients have a problem that you can help them with. They know they have this problem, but they don’t yet know that coaching is the solution. They actually don’t even care that coaching is the solution, they just want the problem to be gone.

Your job is to be where they are and explain to them what life could look like without the problem. The specific problem that you solve.

For example, maybe you’re a career coach. Well, there are thousands of career coaches, what makes you special? The best bit about the answer to that question is that you get to decide what makes you special. Maybe you want to work with young professionals who are moving from their first job to their next one. Or perhaps you want to work with those who have had a successful career but want to move into a completely different industry or profession. Or maybe you want to work with those who know that they are heading for retirement, but they have one good job left in them.

You get to choose.

All of them could use some coaching from you, but each needs very different help. They also need to hear very different things in order to understand why they could use some coaching.

Clients Don’t Care About The Coaching Process

Clients don’t care about the coaching process, clients care about a solution to their problems. Your clients are waiting with a problem that only you can help them to solve.

Coaches do care about the coaching process and can wax lyrical about it for hours. If they wax lyrical about it to any of the people I’ve described above, they will watch, disappointed, as that person glazes over and stops listening.

There is a reason why 82% of coaches fail to create successful businesses and it’s because they don’t know how to become visible to their clients. The ones who are waiting.

Your clients are waiting. They are waiting for you to become visible to them.

The Coaching Revolution helps coaches become visible. Would you like some help in becoming visible? Let’s talk. This is my diary.