Business In A (Virtual) Box

This programme is offered to those who have been in employment their whole lives. The person who joins this programme is one who would like to turn their expertise into a business and who might be looking at a franchise model to support them in this transition.

Five Ways In Which We Differ From A Franchise

No High Upfront Fees

A franchise model usually has a very high cost upfront. For those who operate in a similar market to us, those fees can range from £15K, to £70+. Our fee is £9950 (plus VAT) and we have a payment plan available.

No Geographical Restrictions

Franchises restrict where you can work. With us, you can operate absolutely anywhere. The work we do with you to define your niche and position your consulting business means that it will be unique, you’ll have very little competition. You will never be in competition with the others on our programme.

No Royalties

We want our clients to succeed and benefit from their hard work. You pay us once to deliver a service and then what you earn is yours to keep. We do have the option of our mastermind programme, which is available for £50 (plus VAT) a month from month 4 onwards; a tiny business expense for incredible ongoing support.

No Fixed Format

You’re the expert in your field, you don’t need us interfering with that. Franchises dictate what you have to deliver and when, we don’t. We are not forcing pre-written material or schedules onto you. We’ll help you to create your own products and services to sell and then teach you how and where to sell them.

Your Brand, Your Way

Our clients are not building our brand, they’re building their own. Franchises insist that you are a branch of their company. You don’t need to be a branch of someone else’s business. We show you how to have your own consulting business that can capitalise on your success to date.

Five Ways In Which We Are The Same As A Franchise

We’re Experts

At The Coaching Revolution, we’re the experts in helping coaches and consultants create businesses and find paying clients. You can rest assured that you’ll have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Ongoing Support

We’re here for you, for as long as you want us. The first three month’s membership of our supportive community is included in the initial fee. After that, it’s just £50 (plus VAT) to stay. And everyone stays.


You don’t have to stare at a blank piece of paper, wondering where to start. Nor do you have to franchise a framework. You can have your own because we provide you with what you need to build your consulting business. However, we understand that different industries and fields require different frameworks.


Our clients succeed. We continue to work with them until they do.


Our mentors are experts in their fields, as well as in building businesses and supporting others to do the same. Our clients are all over the world and in many different industries. What we teach just works.

If you’re wondering when the best time to start is, we’ve an article that might help you here.

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