We live and breathe our core values. They are integral to everything we do.


Our first core value is integrity.

Paul, Hank and were once associated with an organisation that described itself as ethical, Eventually, our experience with them made us realise that they were anything but ethical. Calling yourself ethical isn’t the same as being ethical.

Our integrity is visible in how we work, in the extra mile we go to ensure our clients’ success and the dedication of our mentors.

We donate to charity for every mentoring package that’s bought. Specifically, we donate 100 breakfasts to schoolchildren in disadvantaged areas. Children who would otherwise start their school day hungry and therefore not be ready to learn. We believe that education is vital.


Our second core value is simplicity.

Why complicate things unnecessarily? Life doesn’t need our help to become more complex!

From our pricing structure and payment plans, to our mentoring programme and methods, we embody simplicity. We do our utmost to turn the complex into the simple and pragmatic. We insert simplicity into all the extra things we share in our training. For example, we teach how to podcast, how to blog, how to create and repurpose content; and we do it all in an uncomplicated way. Our clients thank us for it.

What that means for you is that you know where you stand with us, always.


Our third core value is expertise.

We infuse expertise into everything we do. The Coaching Revolution founders had decades of experience between them when they started. The mentors now have more than three centuries of experience between them!

We really know our stuff.

What that means for you as a client is that there is no question you can ask of us that we cannot answer (it’s not happened yet, anyway!). There is no help you can request that we will not do our utmost to provide. There is no relevant topic you’d like training on that we can’t either provide, or bring in an expert to provide.

Core Values

Our core values are incredibly important to us. Everything we do reflects these values. We strive to embody them always.

If you’d like to chat to us about what working together might look like, our diary is here.