A coach hopped into the inbox of one of our mentors to ask if she could have an hour of his time, face-to-face in London to learn how to get clients.

This mentor suggested that perhaps the best way forward would be to speak to me, as I’m the ‘face’ of The Coaching Revolution. This was partly because that’s our process, but also because the mentor is based in the far north west of England and certainly isn’t about to go to London to deliver an hour’s coaching.

What happened next was interesting.

Understand What’s Important

I sent the coach a message and she came back with a pointed response in which she said that she ‘didn’t want to be convinced of a service without having any idea of the price’.

‘Ouch!’ I thought.

I explained that we are utterly transparent with our pricing, for a start, it’s all over our website. (For the uninitiated we offer 1:1 mentoring for £2950)

This conversation went backwards and forwards and in it the coach made it clear that she wants a single hour and, (she said ‘call me old-school’) she only wants it face-to-face.

Let me explain why I think she is mistaken.

Cost And Value

Coaching qualifications are expensive and they provide the coach with 50% of the skills necessary to create a financially viable coaching business. The other 50% of the necessary skills are business development skills. The belief that you can learn everything you need on the business development side from a single hour of someone’s time is simply mistaken.

In the same way that you couldn’t possibly learn how to coach from a single hour of someone’s time, you can’t learn the intricacies of business development and how they apply to coaches in particular, in an hour. Opting for a single hour of even the most experienced coach isn’t going to give you the value you need in terms of business development skills. Yes, an hour of their time may be cheaper than a proper course, but at least with the latter you’ll learn everything you need to know.


Our mentors deliver all their mentoring online. We now work with coaches all over the world (literally from Bogota to Brisbane). We know that what we do and how we do it, works.

The coach asking this question thinks that face-to-face is better than online, or at least better for her. Let me explain why I think she’s wrong.

What all coaches want is paying clients. Coaches become massively frustrated when they can’t find paying clients.

In order to get paying clients, coaches need to understand exactly what they need to do. We teach coaches what to do and how to do it, as well as when and where to do it. Whether they learn that online or off-line is actually irrelevant. What they need is the information and they need it from a reliable source.

Our success rate is unparalleled in this industry. We have more than turned the 82% failure rate of the global statistic on its head. Part of the reason for this is that we keep working with coaches until they do succeed. We don’t deliver mentoring sessions and then stop supporting them.

Why You Don’t Want An Hour Of Our Time…

It’s a waste of both parties time to spend an hour trying to cram in knowledge.

No coach would think that an hour’s training could give you the skills you need to be a coach. Why then, would an hour’s conversation show you how to develop a profitable and resilient coaching business?

If you’d like to chat to me about how The Coaching Revolution might be able to help you to build a coaching business, my diary is here.