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What’s The Most Challenging Thing About Working With The Coaching Revolution


Turn Your Passion Into A Successful Career

You’re passionate about coaching but you’re struggling to find paying clients. Your coach training provider never suggested (or even hinted at the fact) that finding clients could be so hard. In fact, what was suggested was that a combination of networking and strategy calls would be all that you need.

But it doesn’t work, does it?

The Coaching Revolution has been helping passionate coaches just like you to create successful businesses for several years – we’re so serious about it that our programme is ICF accredited. We turn qualified coaches into well-paid professionals.


The Next Steps?

1. Talk to us! Let’s confirm that we’re a good fit for one another.

2. Begin your mentoring programme and be fully supported in all aspects of starting and growing a coaching business, with an emphasis on finding paying clients. Be reassured that our ICF accreditation means that we provide excellent programmes.

3. Implement what you’ve learned. As with all things, action is the name of the game. You will begin to actively market your business whilst you’re in the midst of your mentoring programme and fully supported. We leave nothing to chance!

The Biggest Challenge For Coaches

Coaches are not marketers. They generally feel very unhappy about the idea of marketing themselves, because they don’t understand that marketing their coaching business can be comfortable and simple.

The Coaching Revolution has been turning qualified coaches into well-paid professionals for several years – our process works. It just does.

The good news is that just like coaching, professional marketing is a process and also like coaching, it’s one that you can trust.
Better news is that there are a few different ways you can join us, all with flexible payment plans.
The best news is that you’ll never struggle to articulate the benefit of your coaching again (and you won’t be charging mates-rates!).

“If I’m honest, I didn’t really believe I could coach for a living, and yet here I am, working as a corporate coach for organisations who are household names.

What I didn’t anticipate was that I was also getting a whole team who are my supporters and champions.”


Liz O'Neill

Coach, EON Coaching

“If you’re a coach you’ve been trying to build your business,you’ll know that it’s frustrating. If you’re feeling hopeless and you’re thinking that you might give up… then SPEAK TO SARAH SHORT.

I was in that situation a few months ago and then I joined The Coaching Revolution and all of that changed.

I now have a plan, a mentor, and a fabulous community of other coaches all supporting me and each other.

And I got my hope back.”


Wayne Trevor

Coach, Head Fit

I love being a coach and like to think I add value when I work with my clients.  What I wasn’t not so good at, was marketing my coaching business, and this is where Sarah came in.

No doubt about it, Sarah and her team are experts in this field. Sarah has developed a whole raft of resources and support to help coaches like me, with one aim in mind: to help you be successful.

I’ve found the whole experience with The Coaching Revolution inspirational (and fun too!). I would totally recommend it to qualified coaches who want to build their business in a sustainable way.

Jacqueline Heron

Coach, Jacqueline Heron Coaching