Stephen Parkinson

Key words that describe Stephen: Professional, ambitious and caring.

I’m Stephen Parkinson. Coaching changes lives; it’s as simple as that. Coaching changed my life dramatically and now, as a coach, I’m helping others to move forward and succeed. I gave up a very successful, secure and – most relevantly – safe career within the public sector to branch out on my own and coach for a living. Due to that, I have pushed my comfort-zone to breaking point and not looked back. I’m a very authentic coach; I believe that I can coach my clients to do whatever it takes to succeed because I’ve experienced that journey myself.

I absolutely love business, with all its energy, need to deliver and, consequently, a focus on finding solutions to problems. I’m always eager and excited to work with passionate business owners to help them grow. As an NLP Coach Practitioner, I always look for transformation, either in business or in people’s lives.

I joined The Coaching Revolution because I believe in it. I know from experience that with the right skill set, it’s possible to make a good living as a coach and I’m passionate about helping other coaches to succeed.

What Paul says about Stephen:

It’s fantastic to have to opportunity to work with Stephen. He’s driven, knowledgeable and effective. Not only are coaches who are mentored by him in for a real treat, Stephen also shares his expertise on our fortnightly webinars – and they’re open to everyone.

What Sarah says about Stephen:

Stephen is a steely-eyed missile man! His ability to turn conversations into paying business is outstanding. His attitude to sharing his knowledge of how he does this is why we invited him to get involved. He’s an asset to our team of Coaching Revolutionaries.

What Hank says about Stephen:

Stephen is organised and thorough – and I admire that in a person. He delivers great quality, on time and with a minimum of fuss, whether the work is a webinar or a coaching session.