Paul Hancock (Hank)

Key words that describe Hank: Consistency, ability, detail.

I am Paul Hancock. I am passionate about the support element of The Coaching Revolution. This is where I spend my time. From the brand new to business, to the more successful coach, my role is to support them. I run the weekly call, coordinate the face-to-face training and my work underpins our core values.

My background was originally environmental and I spent 20 years at the UK Environment Agency; I have been developing and delivering training courses for over 14 years in the UK, Europe and Africa. I made the leap from a public sector role to self-employment and I completely understand the difficulties that are inherent in this. After all; public sector workers don’t have to sell! This statement might seem like I’m stating the obvious, but actually it’s something that often, public sector workers who are transitioning to coaching, fail to grasp. Stephen and I work closely with this type of coach to help them succeed.

What Paul says about Hank:

For me, the big thing is how much Hank underpins it all. It’s incredibly reassuring to know that he’s there and such a safe pair of hands. His commitment to our vision and mission statement is absolute.

What Sarah says about Hank:

Hank is always there to support me as well as the coaches in the network. Quite simply, I wouldn’t be able to operate anywhere as near as effectively without Hank. He is the glue that holds The Coaching Revolution together.

What Stephen says about Hank:

Hank is the consummate professional. His attention to detail is wonderful, his creativity is fabulous and his ability to motivate is outstanding.