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Mentoring Elite

Creating profitable coaching businesses, in the shortest possible time.

In 10 mentoring sessions, you’ll create a personalised, unique and repeatable process that you can use to gain paying clients

Mentoring Elite is for you if you’re:

  • Qualified or part-qualified
  • Confident about your coaching skills
  • Not confident (or clueless!) about business development skills
  • Tried giving away free discovery sessions and realised it doesn’t lead to enough paying clients
  • Even given away whole programmes, without gaining a paying client in return
  • You don’t know where to start on building your business (having tried and failed with the above methods)
  • Want to avoid being a ‘busy fool’ – working hard, but not smart
  • You want the journey from where you are now, to ‘viable coaching business’ to be as short as possible
  • Sick of doing free online courses that are way too general to be useful
  • Love to work on your business every day if only you knew what to do!


What The Mentoring Package Includes:

First of all, we know that coaches have limited resources. Those resources are time, energy and money and they need to be spent wisely.

For that reason, we give our mentees the following:

  • A designated mentor, with whom you will have 10 1:1 sessions, via Skype or Zoom. These can be 2, 3 or 4 weekly depending upon how quickly you want to see results
    • Your mentor will use our established process to help you:
      • Define your niche and your ideal client to an incredible level of detail
      • Create a unique marketing message, that speaks directly to your defined ideal client
      • Scope out suitable coaching programmes and workshops
      • Create a ‘rinse and repeat’ process that you can use whenever you need to find clients
      • Stay accountable (probably the most important bit!)

Icing On The Mentoring Cake

(Offered As An Integral Part Of Our Mentoring Package)

We offer so much more than just mentoring. Your investment also includes:

  • Additional access to other mentors to take advantage of their individual areas of expertise
  • Lifetime access to our members-only online community, which provides:
  • A close-knit online community of coaches, all of whom are on the same journey you are; to create financially viable businesses.
  • Face-to-face events throughout the year
  • Weekly online training webinars, in which we look at business development challenges that we have in common (we don’t waste your precious mentoring time covering things that we have in common!)
  • An online portal of additional training materials
  • A successful coaching business

Your Investment

£2950 (we do offer payment plans)

What To Do Next

Book a time to speak to Sarah on the phone. We like to have a chat with you before we accept you onto our mentoring programme to make sure that you understand what the mentee must bring to the party for this process to succeed.


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