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The ICF Credentialed Coach and The Coaching Revolution

Why Accreditation Matters

Why does being an ICF Credentialed coach matter?

Being a coach in today’s world isn’t only about the number of clients you have (although that is very important). It’s also about being confident in your ability to coach your clients in the best way possible for their greatest success.

Some clients work better in a group, others work better on a one-to-one basis. The coaching skills required for those two different coaching situations are very different. Having both of these skills can help provide a more stable and profitable business.

Having an ICF certified coaching qualification that includes both of these skills will put you ahead of the game.

ICF is arguably the industry leader as a professional body and is working hard to advance the status and recognition of the coaching profession in order that coaching becomes an integral part of both business and society.

Why We Think The ICF Credential Is Essential

The ICF way of coaching, which we call ‘intuitive coaching’, can underpin any other coaching skill/qualification. In our opinion, it is the foundation for all good coaching.

If you have any of the following accreditations (not an exhaustive list), an ICF credential will enhance your performance and the outcomes for your clients.

  • Agile coach
  • NLP practitioner
  • Myers-Briggs practitioner
  • Emotional Intelligence coach
  • ILM qualified
  • Peak performance coach

The list goes on……

Why The Coaching Revolution?

After only two years in business, The Coaching Revolution is becoming recognised as a leader in business development training for coaches. We are now able to offer not only business development training but also a high-quality qualification in professional coaching from the global industry leader in coach qualification provision. Our credential is suitable for those who are seeking the ACC, PCC or MCC qualification.

Our ICF credential qualification offers training not only in one-to-one coaching but also (unusually) in the more profitable area of group coaching.

Once you have completed this qualification you will be able to offer accredited one-to-one coaching and group coaching to your clients. The Coaching Revolution can support you to find those clients via our mentoring programme.

The ICF credential gives you half of the skills you need to create a coaching business. The Coaching Revolution offers mentoring to deliver the other half – business development skills.


The Other Half Of The Necessary Skills

The ICF credential qualification provides 50% of the skills you need to build a coaching business. That 50% is the delivery half. The other half of the skills you need are business development skills. Above all, those skills are the backbone of what The Coaching Revolution provides.

Our unique mentoring programme has helped coaches reach the ‘holy grail’ of a steady pipeline of paying clients, therefore we can help you too.


The ICF Credential (ACC, PCC or MCC)


Part 1 – Coaching Individuals

The ICF 11 Core Competencies as they apply to Coaching Individuals

Module 1 (A 5-hour module)

Ethical Guidelines and Creating The Coaching Agreement

The coaching agreement sets the tone for the coaching relationship. Creating firm boundaries and realistic expectations, means that the coaching relationship sets off with clear understanding for both the coach and the client.

Module 2 (A 5-hour module)

Establish Trust

The coach/client relationship is a powerful and unique one. The skill of being able to create trust quickly and professionally will ensure that a strong partnership is established. Being able to maintain that coaching presence throughout the relationship is powerful skill. You will learn to be 100% present with your client which will allow maximum growth and success for the client.

Module 3 (A 5-hour module)

Active Listening, Powerful Questioning and Direct Communication

In this module, you will learn how to utilise the ‘power triangle’ of active listening, powerful questioning and direct communication

You will learn how to trust your inner voice, to speak directly (without ‘fluff’). You’ll also learn to identify the questions that need to be asked because they are at the heart of the client’s issues. 

Module 4 (A 5-hour module)

Creating Awareness and Designing Actions

Creating awareness begins with challenging our clients’ assumptions. We allow great change to take place when the client can see themselves ‘from the outside’ and be allowed to challenge their own thought processes.

Also associated with awareness is the process of designing actions.  A combination of awareness and purposeful, inspired action is what can create spectacular and lasting change for your client.

Module 5 (A 5-hour module)

Planning/Goal Setting And Managing Client Progress And Accountability

While it is vital to the coaching process to allow the client to plan and set goals for the coaching relationship. What is even more important, is to help the client to stay on track with the actions necessary to achieve the set goals.

The coach must help the client to maintain attention on actions and to track progress (especially when the client finds themselves deviating from the plan). You will learn strategies to hone in on clients’ goals and keep them on track.

Part 2 – Coaching Groups

The ICF 11 Core Competencies as they apply to Group Coaching

Group coaching is the ideal way for coaches to expand their practice and income by leveraging their time and our ICF credential encompasses group coaching.

Module 1 (A 5-hour module)

The Essentials of Group Coaching: Ethical Guidelines/Standards and Establishing Agreements in A Group Setting

A 5-hour module where we learn the basics of the ICF standards and how they relate to the group coaching process. 

Module 2 (A 5-hour module)

Trust The Group / Be the Trusted Group Coach

A 5-hour module where we learn how to alter the core coaching competencies of trust and presences to the group setting.

Module 3 (A 5-hour module)

Listening, Questioning, and Communicating With The Group

In this module, you will learn how to apply the ‘power triangle’ of active listening, powerful questioning, and direct communication to a group setting in order to achieve the most effective results.

Module 4 (A 5-hour module)

Creating Awareness and Action

Inspiring a group is a different skill to inspiring an individual. This module looks at how to inspire groups of clients to enable them to take action to move forward in both their personal lives and for the group as a whole.

Module 5 (A 5-hour module)

Goal Setting, Progress and Accountability

This module examines the innate strength of a group in maintaining accountability. It also teaches the coach to support clients to achieve their individual goals within a structure for group accountability.

The Total Requirements For The ICF ACC Qualification Are:

Classes (50 Classroom hours, 12 self-study hours, total 62 hours)

The classes will be delivered online, there will be 2 x 2.5-hour classes a week, for 10 weeks.

The Additional Requirements

In addition to the classroom hours, there are the following requirements:

Practicums (10 total hours)

Practicums are 5-hour long sessions, and the student needs to attend two.

There will be up to 8 sessions scheduled from which to choose.

The practicums are opportunities to coach and be coached by your fellow students. These sessions are recorded and submitted to the ICF to support your accreditation.

Mentor Coaching

Group sessions
  • 4 x 90-minute sessions
Individual sessions
  • 3 individual (1 to 1) mentor coaching sessions


100 Hours Coaching

The coach is required to deliver 100 hours of coaching to clients. 75 of these hours must be hours for which the coach is paid. Of course, if the mentoring programme is purchased too, we will support you in gaining the paying clients.

The Exam

The price of the exam is not included in the price of our course. The reason for this is that this is a fee that is payable directly to ICF, at a point when the coach feels ready to take the exam. This point is when the 100 hours delivery has been reached. For the price of the exam, please see the ICF website.

This Course Can Be Used For PCC and MCC Too!

This course may also be used by those coaches who need classroom hours for their PCC and MCC credential. For PCC, the course provides everything you need. For MCC, it provides 62 of the 80 hours you need.

Price and Dates

Our ICF Credential course on its own costs £3800 and our mentoring programme is £2950. However, both together costs just £5500, a saving of £1250!  It’s simply the best of all worlds; a qualification and the support to turn it from a liability, into an asset. Our payment terms and conditions can be found here.

Our course is delivered entirely online and we have various starting dates throughout the year. They are September, January, April and July

If you’d like to have a chat about how this credentialing course might suit you, you can find our diary here.


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