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A Coaching Business In A (Virtual) Box


Everything you need to create a successful coaching business, all in one place


This Coaching Business In A (Virtual) Box is for you if you can answer yes to any (all?) of the following. You:

  • Have a lifetime of experience and knowledge YB12
  • Know that you can help others, you’re just not sure how to go about creating the business proposition
  • Mind boggles when you think about websites, marketing, social media….. (the list seems endless!)
  • Don’t have a coaching qualification, but you’d like one
  • May have run businesses, but you’ve not been selling yourself before
  • Don’t know where to start on building a coaching business
  • Want to avoid being a ‘busy fool’ – working hard, but not smart
  • Want the journey from where you are now, to ‘viable coaching business’ to be as short as possible
  • Sick of doing free online courses that are way too general to be useful
  • You’d love to work on your business every day if only you knew what to do!



What The Virtual Box Contains:

This box contains everything you could possibly need to create and sustain a successful coaching business with a presence both on and off line.




  • A 1:1 mentor-led process to help you understand how to find coaching clients who can and will pay
  • A designated mentor, with whom you will have 10 x 1:1 sessions, via Skype or Zoom. These can be 2, 3 or 4 weekly depending upon how quickly you want to see results
    • Your mentor will use our established process to help you:
      • Define your niche and your ideal client to an incredible level of detail
      • Create a unique marketing message, that speaks directly to your defined ideal client
      • Scope out suitable coaching programmes and workshops
      • Create a ‘rinse and repeat’ process that you can use whenever you need to find clients
      • Stay accountable (probably the most important bit!)

An Internationally Recognised Coaching Qualification

  • An ICF ACC course, which runs 3 times a year, so that you can study for an internationally recognised coaching qualification whilst building your business
    • The ACC is a great foundation for any coach who wants their own business
    • Give yourself credibility in a competitive industry, with a course from an industry leader
    • Gain confidence in your coaching skills
    • This qualification requires that the coach submit evidence of 100 hours of coaching. 75 hours of these must be remunerated (the coach has to be paid to deliver them). We help you find those paying clients.


Coaching Materials For Professional Coaches

  • Top-notch coaching materials, so that as soon as you’re ready to go, you have workshops and programmes to deliver. Materials include:
      • Leadership development
      • Productivity


    • Peak Performance – a programme that can be delivered 1:1 or 1:many. This programme is suitable for anyone , in any sector – executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, new managers, graduates – who wants or needs to perform at the top of their game.
    • Our materials are yours to brand and deliver on or offline


A Fully-Functional WordPress Website

(and 1:1 training to update it yourself)

  • Your own WordPress website,
    • Includes a domain name (a web address) of your choice
    • A full year of hosting from a  UK-based company
    • 1:1 online training on how to update it with your own business-related information
    • series of training videos (so you can remind yourself of how to do things when you’re on your own!)
    • You can create a professional online presence and manage it yourself

A Bespoke Digital Marketing Course – For Coaches

Digital marketing is complex and seems to get more complicated by the day. Everything digital seems to have its own ‘guru’ attached to it, who promises the earth, but delivers very little.

No more!

Our digital marketing expert has developed an easy-to-follow course for Coaching Revolution coaches to demystify the whole topic of how best to market your coaching business online. By the time you’ve completed this online course, you will know:

  • SnapChat or  LinkedIn? Pinterest or Facebook? You’ll understand which are the best platforms for your coaching business.
  • How to create a digital marketing strategy and marketing plan that is both simple and effective
  • What a digital marketing campaign is, and how to implement one using a combination of social media, emails and blogging/articles
  • How to create quality content that engages your potential clients:
    • You’ve got your website/social media platforms chosen and set up. Now what?
      • We provide a step by step guide to creating things to post (aka ‘content’).
      • Images, posts, articles, tweets. If you want them, you’ll know how to create them.
  • How to analyse the results of this work and to keep track of what’s working and what to change.
  • This 10-week course is released a week at a time, with activities to enhance your understanding to be completed between sessions so as to maximise learning.
  • Support available both in our online forum and from our own digital marketing mentor.


The Icing On The (Virtual) Box


These are the things that come as a bonus – they are just as important as the other things in the box, because these are the real-life interactions with other coaches that will inspire you to success.


  • Free, lifetime access to our app (usually £29.99 per month). The app contains:
    • A professional community of coaches, sharing inspiration and values
    • An online forum to stay in touch regularly, to share ideas and to stay connected with others on the same journey as you
  • A weekly training webinar (recorded for you)
  • Quarterly face-to-face events at a central UK location

Your Investment

£9,950 (including VAT) The beauty of this Coaching Business In A (Virtual) Box is that you can begin the process whilst in employment and take it as quickly (or as slowly) as you want to.

What To Do Next

Book a time to speak to Sarah on the phone. We like to have a chat with you before we accept you onto our mentoring programme to make sure that you understand what the mentee must bring to the party for this process to succeed.


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